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  • Email address cannot accept payments.

    Email address cannot accept payments. You can continue, but you can't accept payments until the problem is…

    Georgie Lockington-Milsom 1 answer
  • Email account cannot accept payments

     I already looked at forums.  I have a confirmed, verified premier PayPal account within the U.S. with no open…

    Stephanie Raible 1 answer
  • Email address cannot accept payments?!?!


    I can not find out why do I get this message for my PayPal account: vanyaaleks03@gmail.com. I'm…

    Ivf Funding 1 answer
  • PayPal - Unable to accept payments


    I have a business Paypal account that gives the generic message when I attempt to add to your site:

    Shannon Cole 1 answer
  • Cannot accept money

    I have set everything up on Paypal for a memorial and still no luck it says there is an issue with the currency,…

    Marc Gibbons 1 answer
  • paypal - does your verified account have to be business to accept credit card donation?

    i am using a personal paypal. it is verified. it says if you want to accept payments with a credit card, you…

    ben halform 2 answers
  • Paypal

    I have a memorial schloarship fundraiser and trying to accept paypal. Can I use my personal paypal account or do…

    Brenda Harris 1 answer
  • Can I get a refund?

    I had set up my fundrazr page with no problems and everything was going fine. I did not raise enough money to go…

    Liz Betancourt 3 answers