I received a 580022 PayPal error. What does it mean?

Error Message:

Are you trying to contribute to the campaign? 

The error message means the PayPal account being used on the campaign is not registered in one of our supported countries (see Campaign Owner section below for details). To continue raising funds through our system, they will need to use a PayPal account that is registered in one of our supported countries.

To help resolve the issue and help the campaign owner start being able to accept donations again as soon as possible, please do one of these two things:

  1. Contact the campaign owner and provide them with a link to this page, or
  2. Submit A Request and provide us with a link to the campaign so we can contact the campaign owner to help them out 

Are you the campaign owner?

This error message means that your PayPal account is registered in a country that cannot use our system. 

Currently, since we use PayPal to process all donations, we need to comply with certain requirements when it comes to raising money.

Our system can be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments through PayPal*, and in 25 currencies worldwide. Click here for a current list of countries with the ability to send and receive payments through PayPal.

If you cannot register a PayPal account in one of those countries, then unfortunately these requirements mean that we won't be able to help with your cause.

We are truly sorry about that, and we do want to emphasize that the requirements are in no way a comment on the legitimacy and worth of your fundraising goals. What it comes down to is that we need to work within certain existing legal and regulatory frameworks that govern international online transactions and fundraising activities, along with PayPal policies.

That being said, we're going to keep working to expand the list of countries where we can operate. 

Truth be told, we do face some significant challenges with certain countries and regions. However, we haven’t given up! We think that as social fundraising takes off, more and more possibilities will open up for doing good work around the world. And we intend to be where the action is, pushing to extend the limits.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you’ll stay in touch with developments here at FundRazr – and that one day the app can help with a cause that matters to you.

*Please note: Although India appears on the list of countries on PayPal's website linked above as being able to send and receive payments, some users in India are having trouble accepting payments. If you’re having this issue, please contact PayPal directly for assistance. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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