How is a contribution made?

This Help article will show you how the contribution screens will appear to anyone making a contribution to a campaign.

✩ 1. Click "Contribute"

✩ 2. Select an incentive, or just contribute

Some campaigns offer Incentives (Perks, Products, Tickets, and Wishes). If the campaign you're contributing to offers Incentives, immediately after you click Contribute, you'll be asked to choose your items. 

  • If you don't want any of the incentives and you just want to contribute, you can click No thanks at the top or Continue without items at the bottom. 

  • If you want to Claim a Perk, Order a Product, Buy a Ticket, or Grant a Wish, just click the Select button next to the one you want, then click Continue.
If campaign you're contributing to doesn't offer Incentives, the screen you see won't look like this screenshot, so skip this step and head straight down to Step 3.
 Monthly contributions

We offer the ability for campaigns to receive monthly contributions. If the campaign you're contributing to is accepting monthly contributions, you'll see this check box right under where you enter the amount to contribute. Just check the box and then the amount you listed above that will be contributed every month. You can cancel at any time.

If you don't see the check box, that just means they haven't set up monthly payments in their campaign. It's an optional feature that doesn't fit everybody's situation, so not everybody uses it.  

✩ 3. Enter the details of your contribution

The screenshot below will show you what each section of this page wants you to do. 

✩ 4. Submit payment

Here's how the payment screen will look depending on which button you clicked.

 = WePay

 = PayPal 

Note: Campaign Owners in the United States and Canada have the choice to use PayPal and WePay to collect funds. Outside those two countries, PayPal is the only option.

Also: Debit card payments are not automatically accepted via WePay, and are also not available in Canada. If you're a U.S. Campaign Owner wishing to accept debit payments through your campaign, please Submit a request and ask us to enable it.

✩ 5. Contact info

If the campaign is offering Incentives or being run by a non-profit organization, they may need some additional details from you, so they can deliver your Incentive or issue your tax receipt. 

In that case, a screen will appear immediately after you complete the transaction letting you know that the campaign owner is requesting your contact info for their records. Just fill in the form and click Continue at the bottom.

✩ 6. After you've successfully contributed...

You'll see the following Confirmation screen, letting you know the payment was successful. You can click "View details" to see the transaction details (those details will be automatically emailed to you, so you don't need to view them on this screen).

You'll also be asked to share your contribution on Facebook, which will increase the campaign's reach and potential for success. Make sure you write a message so your friends will know why you're sharing it. If you don't want to, just click Skip.

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