Incentives/Perks FAQ


✩ What's an Incentive?

An incentive is any item you offer as a reward for contributing to your campaign. There are 4 types of Incentives:  

  • Perks
  • Products
  • Tickets
  • Wishes 

✩ What's a Perk?

A Perk can be anything of value: a t-shirt, a piece of artwork, even a shout-out or thank you on your blog—you name it.

You provide the Perk to supporters who contribute the amount you specify.

✩ What's a Product?

A Product is anything you've created or manufactured for sale: a book, a musical recording, an electronic device—the possibilities are endless.

You provide the Product to supporters who contribute the amount you specify.

✩ What's a Ticket?

A ticket to an event such as a performance or dinner. You cannot offer raffle tickets without a license from relevant government authorities.

You provide the Ticket to supporters who contribute the amount you specify. 

✩ What's a Wish?

A Wish is a request for funding for a specific item. For example, if you're raising money for healthcare, you could create a Wish for a day's worth of medication costing $100.

You do not provide the Wish to supporters. Rather, they get the satisfaction of helping you pay for things you need that are on your Wish list.


✩ How many Incentives can I offer?

You can offer up to 50 different Incentives per campaign. You can offer as many of each Incentive as you like.

✩ How do I offer an Incentive?

This question has it's own Help Page. Click here for instructions and screenshots.

✩ How can supporters claim Incentives?

This question also has it's own Help Page. Click here for instructions and screenshots.

✩ What items are suitable as Incentives?

An Incentive can be anything of value:

  • A t-shirt
  • A ticket to an event
  • A shout out on your blog or Facebook Page
  • A pre-order for a product you're developing
  • etc.

✩ What am I NOT allowed to offer as Incentives?

✩ Who decides how much an Incentive is worth?

You do. The value you choose is the minimum amount a supporter must contribute in order to select the Incentive.

✩ Can I charge for shipping?

Absolutely. One of the main improvements we made to this feature is that we added the ability to charge your supporters shipping costs. There's more info here, but the short version is that you can limit your shipping to specific countries or ship worldwide, and you can also charge different amounts for shipping depending on the contributor's country.

The shipping cost is added to the amount they pay, but isn't added to your campaign's "Amount raised" total.

✩ How can I get a shipping address for contributors?

If your incentive is shippable, we automatically ask for shipping addresses from your contributors. You can also request shipping address or other contact details from contributors by enabling the appropriate options in the Data Collection tab when you edit your campaign. Click here to find out how to set up Data Collection.

✩ Who is responsible for fulfilling Incentives people have selected?

You are. We'll provide a report on all Incentives selected by contributors on your campaign's Transaction History page. To find out how to download your contributor information so you can fulfill your Incentives, click here

✩ What happens if I don't reach my goal or if I exceed my deadline?

  • If you're using our All or nothing funding method, then as the name implies, if you don't reach all of your goal, then you keep nothing. Your contributors won't be charged anything, and you won't get to keep any money (you also won't be charged any fees), so you won't be responsible for fulfilling your campaign's claimed Incentives.

  • If you're using our Keep it all funding method (most people use this one), then don't worry. You always keep all the money you raise regardless of the deadline, fundraising goal, or amount raised, so you will be responsible for fulfilling your campaign's claimed Incentives.
 What's the difference between "Keep it all" and "All or nothing"? Click here to find out.

✩ Can I edit or delete an Incentive?

  • You can edit or delete an Incentive before it's been selected.
  • You cannot edit or delete an Incentive after it's been selected.
  • You can discontinue an Incentive after it's been selected, but you must still fulfill all prior selections.

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