How to change the payment method or email address on your campaign

Are you trying to change the payment method on your campaign from PayPal to WePay or from WePay to PayPal? If so, you're in the right place. Keep reading.

Depending on the details of your campaign, you may or may not be able to change the payment method or email address yourself.  

How can I tell if I'm able to change it myself or not? 

Look at the byline on your campaign page and compare it with this screenshot, then answer 2 questions:

Question 1: Is your campaign a Personal campaign?

Question 2: Is your campaign a Personal campaign that has NOT received ANY contributions (not even one)?

If you answered YES to both those questions, that means you're in: 

If you answered NO to either of those questions, that means you're in: 

Category 1: Personal Campaigns with $0.00 Raised

If you're running a Personal Campaign AND you have NOT received ANY Contributions yet, then you can change the email address yourself by following these steps: 

  1. Go to your campaign page (example:

  2. In the NavBar at the top of your campaign, click Edit

  3. Click the "Funding & Deadline" tab

  4. Update the email address in the Credit card & bank payments or PayPal field

  5. Click "Save changes"

  6. You're done!
Note to US and Canadian users: You may not have seen the PayPal option when you created your campaign, you may have only been shown the WePay option (Email address to manage payments).

You are able to add PayPal as a funding option and remove the WePay option, but we strongly recommend keeping the WePay option if you follow the steps above to add your PayPal account.

Although you may be more familiar with PayPal, WePay has proven to be a more reliable and stable payment processor with far fewer failed payments, which means less frustration for your contributors and more contributions for you. Click here for detailed information. 

Category 2: All other campaigns

If your campaign is set up under an Organization, OR if your Personal Campaign already received at least one Contribution, then the Payment email address is locked for security and cannot be changed or removed from your end.

You'll need to contact us directly either via email to or by clicking the Submit a request link at the top of this page, and provide us with the following four pieces of information:

  1. A link to your campaign

  2. The current Payment email address on the campaign (please specify WePay or PayPal)

  3. The new Payment email address you want to use (please specify WePay or PayPal)

  4. The reason why it needs to be changed

1 - You will need to send an email to or click here to Submit A Request through our Help Center. The email address you Contact us from MUST be attached to the campaign in question or we will not be able to process your request.

2 - If you're about to ask us to add PayPal and remove WePay, please read this Help Page first.

3 - Asking us to change the PayPal or WePay account listed on the campaign will only affect future contributions. Any funds you've already received into the existing PayPal or WePay account listed on your campaign will remain in that PayPal or WePay account until you log in to that account and withdraw them.

In other words, we cannot transfer your money from WePay to PayPal. If you've already received contributions through WePay, you will need to complete the setup of your WePay account to access those funds. If you cannot complete the setup of your WePay account, those funds will automatically be returned to the contributor after 30 days.

4 - If your PayPal or WePay account is currently Restricted or frozen for any reason, or has limitations of any kind placed on it, we won't be able to change the email address until the issue is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

5 - If you're using our "All or nothing" funding model, PayPal is not an option (they do not currently support pledging). Pledges are processed by WePay only, so "All or nothing" campaigns must accept contributions via WePay.

ALSO: If you need to change the information that you have registered to your PayPal or WePay account (bank account number, email address, etc.) keep in mind that we do not have access inside PayPal's or WePay's systems, so our Customer Service agents cannot provide any direct help with that. 

You will need to contact PayPal or WePay directly and ask one of their Customer Service agents to help you.

PayPal = 1-888-221-1161

WePay =

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