How to use our "Add On Tab" feature

To use our "Add on tab" feature to add your campaign on your Facebook Page's tabs, just follow these steps: 

  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Facebook Profile that you're currently signed into your browser with has admin status for your Facebook Page (only Page Managers have authority to add tabs on Pages)

  2. Go to your campaign page and scroll down under the picture on your campaign, then click the "+More" button

  3. Click "Add on tab"

  4. A popup window will appear showing you a list of Facebook Pages that you manage through your Personal Facebook Profile. Select your Page and click the Add or Replace link on the right, then confirm your choice by clicking OK on the confirmation window.
Note: If you're using Facebook as your Page when you go through these steps, Facebook will require you to switch back to using Facebook as yourself before you can proceed. 

To make sure it's appearing properly on your Facebook Page, follow these steps:

  1. If you don't see the FundRazr tab near the top of your page next to About, Photos, etc., click the Settings link

  2. Click Edit Page
  3. Drag FundRazr up and drop it into one of the top 4 positions on the list 

To personalize the image and title of the FundRazr Tab, simply follow the steps on this Help Page:

How To Change The Image And Name Used On Facebook Tab

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