How do I withdraw the money that was contributed to my campaign?

When someone contributes to your campaign the money is deposited immediately into the PayPal or WePay* account listed on your campaign at the time of the transaction, giving the owner of the PayPal or WePay account instant access to the funds.

To access the funds and initiate a withdrawal, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to your Campaigns page, locate your campaign onscreen and click the gear icon, then click Withdraw funds

Step 2

Click "Withdraw from PayPal" or "Withdraw from WePay", depending on which payment service you used on your campaign.

Step 3

You'll be redirected to WePay or PayPal's website. Just log in to withdraw your funds! 

The transfer from WePay or PayPal to your bank account will take a few business days to appear in your bank. WePay or PayPal will tell you how long during the withdrawal process. 

Note: If you clicked the button but didn't get redirected to WePay or PayPal's website, just click one of the links below to get there:

*WePay is available to U.S. and Canadian users only.

IMPORTANT NOTEWe don't have access inside WePay's or PayPal's systems, so our Customer Service agents can't see where your money went after it was deposited into your PayPal or WePay account. 

We also can't tell you how long the transfer of funds to your bank will take or how often automatic WePay withdrawals will happen, and we can't help you link your bank account to either PayPal or WePay.

We can only see which PayPal or WePay account the money was sent to. 

If you need help withdrawing or locating your money, or if you have any other questions about withdrawing your funds, we'd love to be able to help, but they're the experts, and more importantly they have the access to do what you need and/or properly answer your questions, so please contact PayPal or WePay directly and ask one of their Customer Service agents to help you out with any of these things.

  • PayPal: You can reach PayPal's general Support Department by clicking the Help & Contact link at the bottom of their website

  • WePay: You can contact WePay from this page (

Not sure which email address you submitted as payment email address?

If your campaign isn't Finished yet, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Edit button in the left column under the image of your campaign. Keep in mind the Edit button is only longer available before your campaign has Finished

  3. Click the Funding tab 

*If your campaign is Finished and you can't remember what payment email address you used, click the Ask our support team button at the bottom of this page and ask us. Make sure you include a link to your campaign or we won't be able to find it, and keep in mind that we will need you to verify your identity before we can give you any internal details about your campaign.

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