How to create a new campaign, Part 2: "Who gets the money? An Organization"

If you haven't started creating your campaign yet, you're in the wrong place. Click here to get started - Don't worry, you'll arrive back on this page in a few minutes.


✩ Who gets the money?

An organization / Add an organization - Select this to create a campaign for an Organization you represent and haven't previously created a campaign for. 

 IMPORTANT: To raise money as an Organization, you need to be an Authorized Officer of the Organization you're raising money for.

Not sure if you're an Authorized Officer? Click here to find out.

If you are an Authorized Officer:
Then you're in the right place. Scroll down under this yellow box and the screenshot, and continue following the steps on this page.

If you're not an Authorized Officer:
Then you can't raise money as that Organization, but don't worry - You can still raise money for them. 
• If you're in the US or Canada, select "A US or Canadian charity" and then click here to finish this tutorial.
• If you're not in Canada, select "A person" and then click here to finish this tutorial. Don't forget provide us with a Letter Of Subordination as soon as possible after creating your campaign, or you could run into trouble down the road.

✩ Sign up an organization

Just select one of the options in the drop down menu:

  • Non-profit - Registered Non-Profit Organizations with tax exempt status 
  • Business - For-Profit businesses 
  • Political organization - Political candidates, political parties, PACs, etc.
  • School - Educational institutes, school sports teams, parent/teacher organizations, etc. 
  • Other type - Community/volunteer groups, sports teams, or anything else that doesn't fit into the previous categories.

Organization details

Here you'll be asked for up to 6 pieces of information:

Official name of organization

This will generally be the same name that appears on your Organization's tax forms, unless you're operating under a DBA. 

If you're operating under a DBA, you'll want to make sure your Organization URL provides information linking the two names.

Organization campaigns are for registered Organizations only, not for informal groups of like-minded people. If your Organization isn't a registered Organization with an official name and bank account, then you're better suited to raise money through a Personal Campaign instead.


You'll only see this is you selected "Other" as your Type of Organization. Just add a short one-sentence description.

Contact email address

Provide a contact email address for your Organization.

If a contributor writes in and asks our Support Team how to contact your Organization, we'll give them your name and this email address.


Provide a phone number based in the same country as your Organization.

If a contributor writes in and tells our Support Team that they already tried contacting you at the above email address and you're not responding, we'll give them your name and this phone number. 

Website (optional)

Enter the URL for your organization's Website, blog, or Facebook page. We'll provide the link to potential supporters. Providing a Website gives your organization legitimacy and can help you raise more money. 

 Don't have a website? Create one here.

Tax number

You'll only see this field if you selected your Type of Organization as Non-Profit. Just give us the valid tax number for your registered Non-Profit Organization.

Only registered tax-exempt Non-Profit Organizations (charities) are allowed to use our system as a Non-Profit Organization. 

 Please note: We understand that there are some countries where an Organization can be considered as a Non-Profit Organization but does not have the ability to issue tax receipts and is not considered a charity. If this describes your Organization, please select "Other" as your Type of Organization instead of Non-profit, since our Non-profit type is reserved for charities who are able to issue tax receipts.

The only real difference in between "Non-profit" and "Other" in our system is that "Non-profit" organizations have access to our Auto Tax Receipt feature, and "Other" organizations don't.


✩ Organization address

All users creating Organization campaigns are required to provide us with their Organization's physical address. Simply enter your Organization's address in the appropriate fields and then move on to the next section.

Don't provide an obviously fake address (example: 123 Easy St.). We manually review every Organization, and we consider obviously fake addresses as attempted fraud, and will act accordingly.

✩ Organization currency

This will be the default currency your Organization uses to accept funds.

If you're using PayPal to receive funds, your PayPal account must also be configured to accept funds in the currency you choose here.

For example: If your PayPal account only has USD but you want to accept contributions in GBP through your campaign, you can do that, but you need to open up a GBP balance in your PayPal account before you launch your campaign, or everybody will get the error message on this page when they try to contribute, and nobody will be able to send you any money.

If you're using WePay to receive funds, your only options are USD and CDN.

Note: WePay is only available in the US and Canada. People in the US have to accept funds in USD, people in Canada have to accept funds in CDN.

Also, the Funding type you choose helps decide what currency options you have here. 

"Keep it all" lets you choose the currency you can accept through PayPal from the list on this page. If you're using WePay and PayPal at the same time (recommended), your currency choices are limited to your country's currency (USD for United States, and CDN for Canada).

"All or nothing" is available in US and Canada only. It uses WePay, and limits your currency to your country's currency (USD for United States, and CDN for Canada).

✩ Organization logo

Upload a logo or picture to represent your Organization

  • The file should be a .GIF, .PNG, or .JPG (some less common file types may also work, but these 3 file types are the officially supported file types - we cannot guarantee that other file types will work)

  • The image resolution cannot exceed 16 megapixels (this means at a 4:3 ratio, the maximum number of pixels is 4800 x 3200), but we recommend using the highest resolution image possible. Small images may appear stretched and pixelated.

  • The Organization Logos on Organization's Profile pages are 130 x 130 (example:

  • The same image is used in the byline of the main campaign page and is resized to 40x40

  • We recommend using a square image (130x130). Image will be automatically resized (not cropped) on the campaign page.

✩ How the organization gets paid

US and Canadian users/organizations primarily receive funds via WePay, and all users outside those two countries receive funds via PayPal.

*Please note: To accept payments with WePay, you must be 18 years or older and also a resident of the US or Canada, but anyone in the world can pay you. If you don't meet the requirements, you can use PayPal instead by clicking More, then clicking Use PayPal.

 Why is PayPal hidden behind a More link?
Although you may be more familiar with PayPal, WePay has proven to be a more reliable and stable payment processor with far fewer failed payments, which means less frustration for your contributors and more contributions for you. In other words, your campaign has a better chance of being successful if you use WePay.

Click here for more information about our relationship with WePay, and click here to compare the differences between WePay and PayPal.

✩ Our commitment

Click the words "terms" or "fee" for more info, check the "Receive news by email" box if you want to subscribe to our newsletter, then click Save & continue when you're ready to review the final draft of your campaign.

✩ Nice work!

This page tells you that your new campaign is ready for review. Just click the Review your campaign button and we'll bring you to your campaign page. 

Our review team will also review your Organization's details and campaign over the next few days, and we'll let you know if we notice any issues with any of the information you submitted. If you don't hear from us in the first week after you create the campaign, assume there are no issues, and you don't need to wait before launching your campaign - you can launch it right away if you want.

To launch your campaign, just click the Launch your campaign button in the Admin Panel whenever you're ready.

✩ Now what?

Now that you've launched your campaign, you'll need to promote it (tell people how/where to find it and why they should contribute). 

If you need help or advice with promoting, you can browse dozens of helpful articles in the "So you created a campaign.... Now what?" section of our Help Center, or click any of the links below to jump straight to some of our most popular articles.

Do you have a question that isn't answered in our Help Center?