How to create a new campaign

Note: This page is updated after every major system update and will always walk you through the current process of creating a campaign. Click here to start creating your campaign, then flip back & forth between tabs and follow along with the instructions on this page.

[This page was last updated on May 11, 2017]

Before we get started, here's a couple things to point out:

1. Are you a return visitor? 

If you started creating a campaign previously but had to leave the site for some reason and decided to come back later and start again using the same computer/device, when you get to the Basics page you might see a black bar appear along the top of the page that looks like the one below. If you see the black bar, just click View to pick up where you left off. If you don't see a black bar, then just create your campaign from scratch by following the steps below.

2. Preview button

You can preview what your campaign will look like on different devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones). Just click the Preview button at any point while you're creating your campaign. It's in the top right corner.

3. Important note for new users signing in through Facebook or Google+:

Due to limitations in the Facebook and Google+ sign in systems, it's not possible to sign into FundRazr as a Facebook Page or a Google+ Page.

You'll need to use your Personal Facebook Profile or your Personal Google+ Profile to set up the campaign, but if you're raising money as an Organization, your Personal Facebook or Google+ Profile won't be publicly attached to any of your organization's campaigns - it's for internal use only.

If you're signed into Facebook or Google+ as your Page, the system will require you to switch to your Personal Profile to complete setup. 

Okay, let's get started:


To get started creating your campaign, just give us the basics:

✩ What's your cause?

Describe the who, what and why in 255 characters or less. Make it short & sweet, but make sure you include enough information that people will know why you need money, because what you enter here is what people will see in the description when you share the link on Facebook and social media.

✩ Title

Use your title to capture attention and inspire support. Make your title effective by identifying your cause, asking for help, and using a personal tone. You can include:

  • The name of the person, group, or organization that needs help (example: Bob)

  • A clear 'call to action' (example: Please help...)

  • A personal connection, detail or tone(example: Please help us pay for Bob's medical costs)


If you're not already signed in to our system, when you click Save & continue you'll be asked to sign up or sign in before you can get to the next step.

Note: You can sign up or sign in through your existing Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn Profile, or email address.


✩ Picture

Add a picture to represent your cause. The picture is the face of your campaign. Make it count.

  • Use a personal picture that represents your cause. It doesn't need to be an artistic masterpiece. Avoid clip art and stock photos.

  • Photos of people or animals attract more attention.

  • Use a jpg, gif or png 640 × 360 pixels or bigger.

✩ Story (optional)

Here's where you can get a little more in depth. Explain your cause in your own words. Say why it matters and how the money you raise will help. Be open, transparent and honest. Don't be shy. Tell people you need their help (you don't need to get your story perfect right now. You can preview and edit it later before launching your campaign).



We've got some features that are only available in certain regions, so we've broken down the Details section into sub-sections.

✩ Your location

Our location selector is powered by Google, and uses your IP address to automatically enter your approximate location.

If Google got it wrong, click "Not correct?" and then type in your actual location.

Important! Make sure the Your location section shows your actual location or a location within a reasonable distance. If it' shows another region or country, you may have trouble accessing your contributions.

✩ Your currency

Simply select the currency you use for banking.

Important! Make sure it's set to your region or country's currency. If it's set to another currency, you may have trouble accessing your contributions.

✩ Funding type

After you've entered your location, the next choice you'll have to make is which Funding type you want to use: "Keep it all" or "All or nothing".

✩ Goal (recommended)

A goal is powerful fundraising tool that motivates supporters. Tell people how much money you need by entering an amount in the field provided.

✩ Deadline (recommended)

Your chosen funding type decides your options here.

Keep it all - Lets you choose between 3 options: No deadline, Run the campaign for a set number of days, or Finish the campaign at the end of a specific day.

All or nothing - Requires a deadline.


Deciding where to send the money is the last and most important part of creating your campaign.

You'll have a few options to choose from when you get to this point, so each option in this step has it's own Help Page to make sure we cover everything. Just click the orange button below that describes your situation.

✩ Who gets the money?

The options you see here will be different depending on where you are and the kinds of campaigns you may have created previously.

Option 1: A Person - Select this if you're raising money for you or someone you know for personal reasons (medical bills, memorials, honeymoon costs, etc.), or if you're doing volunteer charity fundraising*


  • I'm raising money to help my sick friend pay her medical bills
  • I'm raising money to help my sick friend's family cover her funeral costs
  • I'm raising money to help pay for my mission trip to Belize
  • *I'm raising money on behalf of a Non-Profit Organization or charity that I don't work for. I support their cause, but I'm not an Authorized Officer and I have no direct connection with their Organization other than I want to help them succeed.

Option 2: An organization / Sign up another organization - Select this to create a campaign for an Organization you represent and you haven't used our system to create a campaign for this Organization before.


  • I own a business and want to pre-sell our product
  • I'm on the board of a charity and want to raise money as our Organization
  • I'm employed by an Organization, school or business, and my boss asked me to create a crowdfunding campaign
  • Our company is raising money to support a local cause, and the money we collect needs to go to the company's bank account, not mine.

You MUST be an Authorized Officer of the Organization to select this option.

Option 3: One of your organizations - You'll only see this option if you've previously used our system to create a campaign for an Organization you represent. Select this option to create a new campaign for the same Organization.


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