How to change the image and name used on the Facebook tab

Want to use a custom image for your FundRazr tab?

After you've added the campaign to your Facebook Page's tabs by following THESE steps, head over to your Facebook Page and follow along with these screenshots: 

New Facebook Tab Layout: Summer 2014

  Still using the old layout? Click here.

1. Click Settings

2. Click Apps

3. Click Edit Settings

4. To change Name:
Type in new name and click Save

5. To change Image:
a) Click Change

b) Click Choose File and select your new image.

Click here to see current dimensions for Page Tab Image.

Old Facebook Tab Layout: Pre-Summer 2014

  1. Click the triangle (screenshot 1)

  2. Click the Edit pencil (screenshot 1)

  3. Click "Edit Settings" (screenshot 2)

  4. Click "Change" to replace the image (screenshot 3)

  5. Enter a new name for the tab and click Save to replace the tab's name (screenshot 3)

Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:


Screenshot 3:


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