How to invite a Manager or Promoter to your campaign

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Running a fundraising campaign by yourself can be hard work, so sometimes you need a little help from your friends or colleagues. This page will show you how to add Campaign Managers and Promoters to your campaign. 

Campaign Owner 
= Owner of the campaign with top-level access, allowed to request material changes to the account
Campaign Manager = Additional user with full onscreen-only access
Campaign Promoter = Additional user with limited onscreen-only access

We'll show you how to invite them and we'll show them how to accept an invite down a bit lower on this page, but first we'll explain the difference between their roles.

Campaign Managers

Anyone you add as a Campaign Manager will have the same onscreen access that you do, and WILL be able to:

  • Edit and/or delete your campaign(s). Note: Campaigns that already have contributions cannot be deleted.

  • Change the Payment email address before a contribution has been made.

  • Download transaction history for your campaign. This information includes payment email addresses for all contributors, as well as any additional data collected by our Data Collection feature

  • Anything else that you can do in the Campaign Admin NavBar and Admin Panel.

*If you don't trust them with this responsibility, then don't add them as a Manager, add them as a Promoter instead.


Don't worry, though. They can't do everything. The Campaign Owner is the only one who can request material changes to the campaign, so there are some things Campaign Managers will not be able to do.

Anyone you add through the steps below will NOT be able to request material changes to the account such as:

  • Transfer Ownership to themselves or Remove you from the campaign
  • Change your campaign's Payment email address after you've received a contribution 

Campaign Promoters

Anyone you add as a Campaign Promoter will be limited in the number of things they can do with your campaign. They will not be able to:

  • Edit, Pause, Restart, or Finish your campaign

  • Invite or remove new Managers or Promoters

  • View or access financial details for your campaign (Payment email address, transaction details, etc.)


How to invite a Manager or Promoter

Step 1

On your campaign page, click the "Team" link in the Campaign Admin NavBar

Step 2

On your Team page, click "Members" then "Invite someone now", then enter their email address, choose their role, and click Invite

Step 3

Click Yes, invite in the box that pops up

You'll see a confirmation dialog at the top of the screen telling you the invitation has been sent, and you'll have the option of sending a reminder down below

How to accept an invitation

Step 1

You'll receive an email with the subject line "You've been invited to help with CAMPAIGN_TITLE". Open it and click the Accept the invitation button

Step 2

Click the Accept the invitation button. If you've never used our system before, you'll be asked to sign in, and if you sign in through Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, you'll need to authorize FundRazr on their permissions screen.

Step 3

That's it! You'll see confirmation onscreen that you're now a Manager (or Promoter) for the campaign. Just click the link to manage or promote the campaign.

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