Can I raise money on behalf of a charity?

 Important: If you've been directed here by our Support Team but your situation doesn't involve a charity or Non-Profit Organization, the information below also applies to raising money on behalf of any Political, School, Business, or Other type of organization, as well as raising money on behalf of another individual.

If you're raising money on behalf of an individual, then the first two categories do not apply to you. Please click here to skip directly to Category 3.

I want to raise money on behalf of a charity. Can I do this with your system?

As a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to charity-driven fundraising (raising money on behalf of an organization or another person).

While we think it's wonderful and inspiring when people pull together and support their community, we also have to be very careful about monitoring the kind of fundraising done through our system to limit the possibility of fraudulent campaigns.

Because we need all campaigns to comply with fundraising laws, regulations and requirements, users must be in one of three categories to use our system for charity-driven fundraising:

✩ Category 1: I'm an Authorized Officer of the organization

What does this mean?

An Authorized Officer is a member of a business entity who has been formally empowered by that entity to conduct business on its behalf, make financial decisions on it's behalf, and to enter into borrowing arrangements with financial institutions.

Generally, the role of Authorized Officer is limited to these types of positions within the Organization:

  • Owner, 
  • President/Chairperson, 
  • Treasurer, 
  • Vice President, 
  • Board Member, 
  • etc.
To use our system as an Organization, an Authorized Officer MUST have the authority to make financial decisions for the Organization. If you don't know whether or not you're an Authorized Officer, then you're probably not one, so you are in Category 2 below.

If you ARE an Authorized Officer

  1. Personal campaigns are for personal use only, so your campaign MUST be created as an Organization campaign. If your organization is a non-profit, then you must provide us with your Organization's government-issued tax number when you create the campaign.

  2. Your Organization must be a registered Organization and you must be able to provide us with documentation proving this if we ask for it. 

If you haven't created your campaign yet, click here for a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through every step of creating your campaign. 

 Have you been directed here by our Support Team?
Look at the byline on your campaign page - it needs to say Organization campaign.

If it says anything else, please reply to our Support Team and let us know you created the wrong type of campaign. We'll help you make sure you have the right kind of campaign.

Category 2: I'm a volunteer/supporter of the organization

What does this mean?

It means that you you DON'T have the authority to make financial decisions for the Organization, but you support the Organization's cause and are raising money on behalf of the Organization as a volunteer fundraiser.

Is raising this money part of your Official Role with the Organization? If not, then you're probably not an Authorized Officer.

If you're NOT an Authorized Officer:

  1. Your campaign must be set up as a Personal campaign, AND

  2. You must provide us with a Letter Of Subordination authorizing you to raise funds on behalf of the Organization through our system, AND

  3. You must accept contributions via the same payment email address the Organization listed on the Letter Of Subordination
 Have you been directed here by our Support Team?
Click here to view & download the Letter of Subordination template, then contact the Non-Profit Organization, give them the link to that page, and ask them to use the template to create a Letter for you and email it to

You'll also need to make sure your campaign's Story names the Non-Profit Organization. If your campaign's Story already names them, then all we need is the Letter Of Subordination.

Note: If we haven't reached out to you but you already launched your campaign and haven't sent us the documentation yet, don't panic. Just get it to us as soon as you can and keep raising money in the meantime. 

Category 3: I'm raising money for an individual, not an organization

What does this mean?

It means that you're raising money for an individual who will be the benefactor of the fundraising campaign. An example of this would be "I'm raising money to help pay my cousin's medical bills. All money raised will be given to my cousin", or "I'm raising money to help pay for a rescued dog's veterinary bills. All money raised will be used to pay those bills".

If you're raising funds for another individual:

• Upon request, you MUST provide us with information and/or documentation showing that you are authorized or have been granted authorization to raise funds for the individual, as well as information and/or documentation that clearly shows how the funds collected will be transferred to or used to benefit the individual.

Your campaign must also list the individual's name and must advise that you are raising funds on behalf of this individual.

*An individual can be a person (or group of people) or an animal (or group of animals).

 Have you been directed here by our Support Team?
Read the Story section of your campaign. Does it name the person or group of people you're raising money for? If it doesn't, just add their name(s) to the campaign's Story section and then then reply to our Support Team and include documentation that clearly shows you're authorized to raise money for this person or group of people. 

"Documentation" can be something as simple as a string of emails between you and them discussing the campaign, as long as the emails clearly identify the person or group of people and also clearly show the person or group of people authorizing you to raise funds on their behalf. 

If the "individual" is an animal or pet, then you'll need to provide us with a veterinary bill or other official documentation that clearly lists the animal's name and also clearly lists you as the animal's owner. Keep in mind that the animal owner's name and the name listed as campaign owner must match.

Please DO NOT simply copy & paste the conversation into your reply. We need to see the original conversation.
  • If the conversation happened via email, simply forward the email to and reference the Support Ticket number from our message to you. 
  • If the conversation happened via another method (Facebook Private Message, WhatsApp, etc.), then you will need to send us a screenshot of the conversation.
  • If you can't do either of those things, then the person or group of people you are raising money on behalf of will need to contact us directly at and reference the Support Ticket number from our message to you. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your campaign meets the requirements for the appropriate category above that describes your situation.

If we receive a report that a campaign does not meet these requirements, that campaign may be suspended without notice, and we may require documentation that will prove the campaign's legitimacy before we'll allow the campaign to continue.

If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that there may be fraudulent activity taking place through the campaign, then PayPal's and/or WePay's Fraud Team may be notified, at which point all funds in that PayPal and/or WePay account(s) may be held and further action may be taken.

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