Do I need a personal Facebook account to use your system?

The short answer: 

No! We currently support signing in through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email/password.

The long answer:

Our crowdfunding platform was initially developed as a Facebook App, meaning that anyone wanting to create a campaign was required to add the FundRazr App to their Facebook account to create it. All campaigns back then were hosted on on a special page attached to that user's Personal Facebook Profile.

In mid-2012, we started hosting all campaigns on instead of limiting them to Facebook's website. At this point, all users were still required to use their Personal Facebook Profile when they signed in at to manage their campaigns.

In mid-2013, we added support for Google+ accounts, so anyone with a Facebook or Google+ Profile was then able to create and manage a campaign. 

In mid-2014, we added support for LinkedIn accounts and email/password sign in, so anyone with a Facebook Profile, a Google+ Profile, a LinkedIn Profile, or an email address is now able to create and manage a campaign. 


*Important note for new users accessing our system through Facebook or Google+: Due to limitations in the Facebook and Google+ sign in systems, it's not possible to log into our system as a Facebook Page or a Google+ Page. 

You will need to use your Personal Facebook Profile or your Personal Google+ Profile to log in to our system so you can create and manage your campaign, or you can click "Sign in with email" and set up a password instead.

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