How to Finish or Delete your campaign

There are two ways to Finish your campaign: 

1. On the campaign page itself, click the gear icon in the NavBar at the top, then click Finish

2. On your Campaigns page, click the gear icon in the row of links, then click Finish

In either case above, after you click Finish, a Confirmation message will appear onscreen. Click Yes, Finish to Finish your campaign. 

How to Delete your campaign

To Delete your campaign, just follow the same steps as the ones above in the "How to Finish" section, but instead of clicking Finish, click Delete

IMPORTANT!!! A campaign can only be deleted if it has not received any contributions. A campaign with contributions is a financial record that needs to remain accessible to the Contributors. If your campaign has already received contributions, it cannot be deleted, but we can remove it from search results on our Find pages upon request.

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