How to use your Campaigns page

Your Campaigns page is the nerve center of your account. You can do a lot of different things from your Campaigns page, and this Help Page will show you how. 

✩ How to get there

Getting to your Campaigns page is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. Sign in
  2. Click your Profile image
  3. Click Campaigns

✩ Finding Your Way Around

Here are the main areas of your Campaigns page. You can get a closer look at each area further down this Help page:

✩ 1: Partially-created campaigns

If you started creating a campaign but had to step away from your computer for any reason, our system will save a draft of the campaign in your account. This is where you go to find it. 

Your options here are pretty simple: 

  • Click Complete the set-up to pick up where you left off and create & launch your campaign
  • Click Delete if you don't need it anymore

✩ 2: Sort & search options

If you've created several campaigns, our Sort & Search options will help you keep track of them all easily. 

a) Sorting

Use the Sorting drop down menu on the left to sort through your campaigns based on their current statuses:

  • Running (currently active campaign - able to accept contributions)

  • Finished (completed campaign Finished by Campaign Owner or Manager - no longer able to accept contributions, cannot be reactivated)

  • Not launched (campaign that has been created but hasn't been launched yet - not able to accept contributions until launched by Campaign Owner or Manager)

  • Paused (campaign paused by Campaign Owner or Manager - temporarily not able to accept contributions, can be reactivated by Campaign Owner or Manager)

  • Approval pending (campaign that requires approval from FundRazr, an Organization using FundRazr, or a FundRazr Partner - not able to accept contributions, cannot be launched until approved)

b) Searching

Use the search bar on the right to search for the campaign you're looking for. You can search by Campaign Title, Organization Name, or any content you've added to the campaign's Intro or Story sections.

✩ 3: System messages

Campaign listings usually have a yellow banner near the top of the listing with a message from our system. Sometimes the message will be a simple "Coaching tip" from our coaches giving you advice on how to increase your campaign's potential for success, but this area is also used to communicate important details to Campaign Owners and Managers.

For example, if you've created your campaign but haven't launched it yet, you'll see that message in the yellow box with a link to launch it:

✩ 4: Campaign options

The options you see in this section will be different depending on what type of campaign it is, but we'll list them all here for you.

  • View - This brings you to your campaign page where all the action happens. The rest of the links you see next to it will also appear at the top of your campaign page in the Admin NavBar

  • Edit - This brings you to your campaign's Edit page where you can make changes to your campaign as needed.

  • Analytics - This page lets you see your campaign analytics, including an overview of amount raised, # of contributions, how long it's been running, # of social media shares and more.

  • Followers - This page shows you a list of people who are following your campaign. The list includes everyone who contributed to your campaign and agreed to receive updates, as well as anyone you've imported to the list. All Followers automatically receive your campaign updates via email.

  • Offline Contributions - This page lists all Offline Contributions that have been posted to your campaign page. 

  • Team - This page allows you to view and manage team members you've invited to help manage or promote your campaign or your organization's account.

  • Transactions - This page will show you a complete list of all contributions made to your campaign. It will show you the current status of the transaction, along with other information explained here
    Next, click the gear icon () to see these options:
  • Pause - This pauses your campaign so nobody will be able to contribute to it. 

  • Restart (not shown in screenshot) - This will only appear when your campaign is Paused, and it will "un-pause" your campaign so people can start contributing again.

  • Finish - This will Finish your campaign. Finishing permanently stops all payments to the campaign, and it cannot be undone.

  • Delete - This lets you delete your campaign. It will only appear if your campaign has not received any contributions. Once the campaign receives a contribution, it becomes a financial record that must remain accessible to the contributors, so it can't be deleted.

  • Sub-campaigns - This will also only be visible on Organization campaigns that have our Sub-Campaign feature enabled. This brings to you a page with a list of all Sub-Campaigns that have been created from your Master Campaign.

  • Sign up page - This will only be visible on Organization campaigns that have our Sub-Campaign feature enabled. This gives you a short URL that you can pass along to anyone who wants to create a customized Sub-Campaign to raise money on behalf of your Organization. 

  • Withdraw funds - This opens a lightbox over the page that directs you to your PayPal or WePay account (depending on which one you used) to withdraw the funds you raised.

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