How to post as your organization instead of your personal profile

Running an Organization campaign and want to post as the Organization instead of as yourself?

Your Profile image is the key. Take a look at these screenshots to see what we mean:

Screenshot 1: Look In The Menu Bar

1. Go to your campaign page and look in the menu bar along the top. You'll see your personal Profile image at the right end of it. When you see this down below on your campaign page, this image tells you that you're acting as yourself

Screenshot 2: Look at the byline on your campaign page

2. Look at your campaign's byline. You'll see the image you submitted as your Organization's logo when you created the campaign. When you see this beside a text box on your campaign page, this image tells you that you're acting as your Organization

The trick is to just pay attention to the image next to the text box when you're typing.

  • When you see your Organization's logo, you'll be posting as your Organization.

  • When you see your Personal Profile image, you'll be posting as yourself. 

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