How to transfer ownership of your Campaign or your Organization's account

Note: This page is for Personal Campaign Owners and for Owners of Organization accounts. The information is the same for either one. 

Sometimes you need to pass the torch to someone else so they can continue the work you've been doing.

You won't be able to transfer ownership from your end, but we can do it for you. 

Before we can transfer ownership to someone else for you, though, you'll need to add them as a Manager first. Click here to add a Manager to a single campaign, or here to add a Manager to your Organization's account.

After they've accepted the invitation, just fill in the Transfer Ownership Form through the red button at the bottom of this page, and we'll transfer ownership for you.

But before you fill in the form, you'll need to know the following things:

1. You'll need to know their Profile URL

These screenshots will show you how to find it.

2. You'll need to have access to the Payment email address on your campaign

For security, the email address you enter in the "Your email address" field on the form (as shown in the screenshot below) must match the Payment email address on your campaign. 
If it doesn't match, we won't be able to transfer ownership.  

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