How to create a new campaign, Part 2: "Who gets the money? A Person"

If you haven't started creating your campaign yet, you're in the wrong place. Click here to get started - Don't worry, you'll arrive back on this page in a few minutes. 


✩ Who gets the money?

A Person - Select this if you're raising money for yourself or someone you know for personal reasons (medical bills, memorials, honeymoon costs, etc.).


Simply enter your email address in the How contributors can pay section to receive funds.

US and Canadian users primarily receive funds via WePay, and all users outside those two countries receive funds via PayPal.

Click Save & continue at the bottom when you're done, and your campaign will be ready to launch! 

*Please note: To accept payments with WePay, you must be 18 years or older and also a resident of the US or Canada, but anyone in the world can pay you. If you don't meet the requirements, you can use PayPal instead by clicking More, then clicking Use PayPal.

Click here for more information about our relationship with WePay, and click here to compare the differences between WePay and PayPal.

✩ Our commitment

Click the words "terms" or "fee" for more info, check the "Receive news by email" box if you want to subscribe to our newsletter, then click Save & continue when you're ready to review the final draft of your campaign.

✩ Review

Just read the info onscreen, then click the Review your campaign button to get to your campaign page.

✩ Admin panel

Read any messages we left for you in your Admin Panel, scroll down and review your campaign to make sure you have all your ducks in a row, then scroll back up and click the Launch your campaign button when you're ready to start accepting contributions.

✩ Now what?

Despite what you may have heard, money is not going to start raining out of the sky onto your head just because you created an online fundraising campaign. You're going to have to tell people where to find it and explain why they should contribute.

Browse dozens of helpful articles in the "So you created a campaign.... Now what?" section of our Help Center, or click any of the links below to jump straight to some of our most popular articles.

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