How do I find my recent contributions?

Our new Contributions page lets you see all contributions you've made to any campaigns using our system, all in one place. This Help Page shows you how to find it and what you can do there.

✩ How to find it 

When you first sign in to our system, a black NavBar should automatically appear at the top of the page. Just click "View your contributions". 

You can also get there at any time by clicking your profile image in the top menu bar, then clicking Contributions.

✩ What you can do there

On your Contributions page you can do the following things:

Sort & search

If you've made several contributions, you can find the right one by typing in the search box at the top right of your list. You'll instantly see results below.

You can also click any of the up/down arrows at the top of your list to sort the list by Date, Amount, or Details.

View the campaign you contributed to

Click the Title of a campaign in the Details section or click View post over on the right to visit that campaign page.

View and/or edit the details of your contribution

Click Manage over on the right to view or edit important details about your contribution, such as the Contribution amount, Transaction ID, Transaction time, Your name (editable), Your message (editable).

If the campaign you contributed to was using our Data Collection feature to ask or your Contact info, you'll also be able to view and edit the information you provided to them (name, telephone number, street address, etc.)

View and download a copy of your tax receipt

If the campaign you contributed to was using our Auto Tax Receipt feature, then you should have received an email with your tax receipt right after you made your contribution. Don't worry, though. If you can't find the email, you should still be able to view the receipt online by clicking the Receipt link over on the right. 

Note: Non-Profit Organizations have the option to prevent their contributors from accessing receipts online. If you know you received one but don't see a Receipt link on this page, that means the Non-Profit Organization chose not to allow online access, so you'll have to contact them directly to ask for another copy of your receipt. If this is the case, click View post to go to the campaign page, then click Contact campaign under the byline and campaign intro.

Did you donate to a Non-Profit Organization but haven't received a tax receipt yet?

First, look at your Contributions page. If you don't see a Receipt link next to your contribution, that means no receipt has been generated yet because you didn't fill in the information they requested after you made your contribution, you closed the window instead. Don't worry, you can still have a receipt generated.

Click the View post link, then click the Contact info link on the next page.  

Then, fill in the information they're asking for and click Save at the bottom. Your tax receipt will be generated and emailed to you within a few minutes, and a Receipt link will appear on your Contributions page.

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